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Y ou are at this page because you have a goonky and you want to get rid of it,
well you have come to the right place, but first we must ascertain what sort of
Goonky you have, please refer to the guide below then choose from the drop
down box at the lower left of this page the category of Goonky you have.

Goonky Classifications

Apparitions/Ghost's Vampire/Ghoul/Lawyer Demons Hairy things/undead
Apparitions & Ghost are the most common type of Goonky and are easily identified by their whispy transparency and ability to fly or walk through walls these are the most common of all Goonkies and we have a SPECIAL on this month where we will get rid of 3 Ghost for the price of 1 so hurry in and tell us your problem. Vampire's Ghouls & Lawyers can be recognised by there very sharp and often yellow fangs, Vampires do not show a reflection in any mirror, Ghouls usually have puss ridden sores all over their face, Lawyers do not emit a heartbeat, these are the things to look for when trying to identify the nastiest of all Goonkies. Demons are a major pest and come from inconsiderate things leaving the gates of hell open, security is not high on their list at hell and this results in a variety of demon absconding, but we are equipped to combat this problem.and we dont care how big or small your demon is.(so Call now) Hairy things and the undead are a different mob well the hairy things are anyway as most Goonkies fall into the undead category but the hairy things are a lunar inhanced critter whereas they mostly only appear when there is a full moon, but the undead tend to just arise whenever they want.

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